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Biggest Loser Diet

By now, you and everybody else have heard of or about the Biggest Loser Diet. The Biggest Loser is a TV show that airs in a lot of countries across the world, although it started first in the U.S. It is a TV show that centers on overweight participants who want to win a cash prize, but in order to do so, they have to lose the most weight out of all of their competitors. From this TV show, a diet called the Biggest Loser Diet has sprung up, unsurprisingly to capitalize on the success and the popularity of this TV show.

This weight reduction plan is essentially a concept that was dreamt up in order to allow fans of the TV show to get actual insight into the diet behind this TV show craze. The company behind The Biggest Loser has teased its fans with books such as The Biggest Loser Secrets and even a Biggest Loser Club. This weight loss regimen is finally a chance for interested people to learn the manner in which to consume food more healthily without even having to cook it!

How It Works

The Diet is really a meal delivery plan. This means that you’ll not have to cook it because the Biggest Loser Meal Delivery van will deliver the food right to your front door. The meals in this program have been created in conjunction with eDiets, which is one of the best meal delivery programs out there. The Biggest Loser nutrition experts and physicians have also worked on formulating meals that should aid you in staying fit, getting into shape and losing the weight.


Boredom isn’t something that you’ll experience on this particular kind of eating regimen. That is because this program regularly keeps updating its menu. The meals on this program are going to lower the calories that you eat, cut the fat, feature a good amount of lean protein (chicken, fruits, vegetables, fish, turkey and seafood) and involve very little or even no sugar at all.

Unfortunately, the vegetarians might be a little bit too restricted on this diet plan, yet with some determination, even they can eat properly. Vegetarians just have to substitute the meat-based meals with those that are friendly to vegetarians; nonetheless, the choices are restrictive. You will not be able to customize your menus. Still, if you don’t like to eat seafood, you may demand that those meals just get substituted with an alternate protein.

The weight reduction regimen comprises two types of flexible meal plan choices: the 7- and the 5-day meal plan. These meals are made and sent off in coolers to the homes or the offices of the members of this program. All of the food options on this plan—whether it is a breakfast, lunch, supper or snack choice—have been approved by the physicians and the nutritional experts from the Biggest Loser. The good thing about this program is that it spans a wide style of cuisine and offers something for everyone and their picky palate.

Some breakfast options are hearty oatmeal and chicken-apple sausage, a spinach-egg breakfast wrap and pancakes that come with a blueberry compote and egg whites. Some lunch options include chicken-shrimp curry on rice, a pork sandwich along with carrot and pineapple slaw and a tilapia (tortilla-wrapped) served with Mexican roasted corn, beans and rice. Some supper choices are lemon-butter salmon along with sautéed spinach/brown rice, sweet potato-stuffed chicken breast with a cumin-cauliflower masher, pearl onions and peas, and deep-dish polenta pizza that has vegetables and chicken. Some snack choices are soy crisps, the Biggest Loser trail mix, the Biggest Loser vanilla almond bar and roasted pumpkin seeds and spices.

Typical Results

According to Health.com, the typical results are contrary to how much weight the contestants on the TV show lose. What you can expect to lose at home when you try the Biggest Loser Diet is just about 1 percent of your body weight a week.

Pros and Cons

This specific meal plan comes with both pros as well as cons. The weight loss plan features a lot of food selections, which means that a person on this program isn’t likely to get bored with all of the choice. This Diet is not all perfection, as the typical results demonstrated. In contrast to what occurs on the TV show, people using this program at home can expect to lose a lot less weight.


The diet plan comes in two versions, the 5- and the 7-day meal plan. The 5-day meal plan is cheaper than the 7-day meal plan at $144.70. The 7-day meal plan is more expensive, costing participants $178.60.


The Biggest Loser Diet is called the proverbial best of both worlds. People will receive a chef-made and gourmet menu, but at the same time, you will also be losing weight! You’ll still eat food that is good-tasting, which is what some diets do not allow you to do! Since this meal delivery plan entails the delivery of the Biggest Loser meals right to your front door, you are going to have more time for yourself during the week, as the shopping and the cooking are all done for you. According to Health.com, people who want to try this specific type of eating regimen on their own (read: in their own homes) should be under medical supervision during the duration of the diet program. This only makes sense when you consider the fact that the participants on the show get medical screenings themselves.

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