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HCG Diet “Nightmare”

HCG Diet “Nightmare” – Is There a Better Way to Lose Weight?

When a woman suspects she is pregnant, she purchases a home pregnancy test or goes to her doctor for a pregnancy test. These tests measure the amount of HCG present in the woman’s urine. Since HCG is only produced in pregnant women and levels are highest in the first month of pregnancy, its detection in the urine signifies that a baby is on the way. The production of HCG in this manner is completely natural. Unfortunately, supplements of this hormone are being used in a completely unnatural manner today.

What is HCG?

HCG stands for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.” Cells around a fertilized egg start to produce this hormone after the egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. Those cells will form the placenta within the first few weeks of pregnancy, and the placenta will then take over the production of progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. While the placenta is forming, HCG ensures adequate supplies of progesterone continue to be delivered so the pregnancy survives.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is only found in pregnant women. It is not naturally produced in men or children. It is only useful to women trying to sustain a healthy pregnancy. The only women who legitimately need to supplement with this hormone are those struggling with infertility problems due to underproduction of naturally-occurring HCG.

The Diet

The HCG diet is considered a fad by most medical experts today, though there are some diet centers and patients who claim it is a legitimate way to lose weight rapidly. It first started in Britain in the 1950s, when an endocrinologist began injecting obese patients with the hormone to help them lose weight. In order to help them lose weight quickly, he limited them to a strict 500 calorie diet and gave them regular injections of HCG.

The diet fell out of favor due to the extremely restrictive food plan and the fact that many patients gained weight back in the long term. HCG shots were taken in cycles, and in between cycles it was extremely easy for patients to pack the weight right back on.

The same problems are occurring today. Weight loss clinics are giving HCG shots, or are giving them to patients to inject on their own at home. There are also homeopathic drops that are put under the tongue. While taking the drops or shots, a diet of about 500 calories is followed. The claim is that the hormone stops sensations of hunger and allows the body to release stored fat to be burned off as energy, so you don’t need to consume anymore than 500 calories.

There are a variety of plans floating around, and they all vary between 500 and 800 calories. They also vary in terms of what can be eaten to consume those calories. The original version of the plan in the 1950s was very explicit on what foods were to be consumed for each meal of the day. Modern versions are more lenient, including some that allow followers to eat whatever they want as long as they don’t go over the number of recommended calories.

Unfortunately, few sustain their weight loss in the long term, and some report feeling sick, tired and weak throughout the diet.

Health Risks

When HCG is naturally produced in a woman’s body, it is short-lived and the concentration inside the body is controlled. When HCG is taken for weight loss, it is taken to deceive the body. There is no growing placenta, but the body is tricked into believing that a baby is on the way. For men, this is a foreign hormone and the body doesn’t know what to do with it.

While the hormone may naturally suppress the appetite so followers can live without hunger on a very low calorie diet, there is a danger of silent starvation. It is common for users to feel very weak at the end of a cycle on the drops or shots. Some report being less able to concentrate. Their body has not been given the nutrients it needs to function properly, and in most cases the metabolism is a complete wreck. Once HCG supplementation is stopped, weight is easily gained just as rapidly as it was lost.

There have been few studies to see what taking HCG supplements can do to the body long term, but there is some evidence in animals that it may mess with the thyroid. The biggest known risk is in depriving the body of nutrients it needs to function properly and survive.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has deemed HCG suitable only for the treatment of infertility. It is illegal for the drops or shots to be distributed for the purpose of weight loss. Companies continuing to market HCG with claims of weight loss are breaking the law and putting the health of consumers at risk.


It is said that you should never shoot down an idea with having a better idea, right? Since HCG has been proven ineffective and potentially dangerous, there is a better approach to weight loss: stop cutting corners! The best approach is simply to take better care of your body so it naturally burns off excess stored fat.

What does “take care of your body” mean? It means making the following changes to your lifestyle:

  • Consume a reasonable amount of calories so your body gets the nutrients it needs, without a ton of energy it cannot use (and thus stores as fat).
  • Drink more water.
  • Consume more protein for muscle building and maintenance.
  • Live an active life with regular exercise.
  • Use a natural cleanser to clear the body of disease-causing toxins.

For those who feel more in control and able to lose weight when they are following a structured diet plan, the Pure Slim 1000 plan is a much healthier alternative to the HCG diet. It still rests on the use of all natural drops, but it is in line with FDA requirements for weight loss products. It also provides a controlled diet that is healthy and ensures the body receives all nutrients needed to maintain energy levels while losing weight. It encourages the consumption of healthy foods and works with the body, rather than trying to trick the body!

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