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Hoodia Gordonii Plus Review

It is estimated that 83% of Americans will be obese or overweight [3]. With all the temptations, the stress, the technology, and the general lifestyle floating around, it may feel impossible to reduce weight. This is where Hoodia Gordonii Plus can help.

Hoodia Gordonii Plus is a supplement that contains the extract of Hoodia, which is a bitter, cactus-like plant that grows in semi-desert regions like Namibia, Angola and South Africa. The tribesmen of these semi-desert regions consume Hoodia to keep away hunger and thirst when they venture out on prolonged hunting expeditions. The active ingredient contained in the Hoodia plant is steroidal glycoside, also known as the P57. Hoodia actually works by suppressing your appetite

That Hoodia Gordonii is effective has already been established by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the government laboratory in South Africa. This institution has confirmed that laboratory animals lost appetite and weight when they were fed Hoodia over a period of time. Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes tried the substance on himself while on a trip to South Africa and he too confirmed that after consuming Hoodia, he did not feel the urge to eat anything for the whole day. This event sparked a craze for Hoodia in USA.

Hoodia Gordonii Plus works by suppressing the appetite. Research has established that the supplement reduces food consumption by as much as 1,000 calories per day. So, Hoodia Gordonii makes for an excellent food deterrent for people who just cannot lay off food and also for people who genuinely want to slim down. Hoodia Gordonii does not have any side effects and it tastes good. It is available in many varieties and contrary to what you may have heard, the supplement does not cause mood swings.

How should you use the Hoodia supplement?

First of all, be careful. There are many Hoodia supplements available in the market and you must buy Hoodia Gordonii Plus, which is a high quality and authentic product that contains the original South African ingredient, and comes from a reputed manufacturer.

Secondly, you must take the recommended dosage. Experts opine that a normal person needs 2250-3,500 mg per day [4]. Many people start with a lower dosage and increase it if the dosage does not work.

Finally, you must consult a medical professional before starting off on Hoodia Gordonii Plus, especially if you are affected by medical condition/s.

What are Hoodia’s side effects?

As you would have read above, Hoodia works by tricking the brain into thinking that there is adequate blood sugar in the body. This can adversely impact diabetics whose blood sugar levels can drop dramatically when they are on Hoodia.Hoodia also kills thirst and this can cause dehydration. If used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise you should experience no ill effects.

Final Word

To sum up, Hoodia Gordonii Plus does work and that is why it is recommended by doctors. 6 bottles of this appetite suppressant cost a mere $119.95 (Source: Amazon.com). Before using any supplement, you should check with a medical professional or nutritionist.

Rank Brand Score Controls Hunger Boosts Energy Certified Hoodia All Natural Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Cost Visit Store
1. 95% YES YES 30 days Read Review $64.95
2. 90% YES YES N/A Read Review $54.95
3. 87% N/A YES N/A Read Review $49.99
4. 85% YES YES 21 days Read Review $39.95
5. 85% YES YES 60 days Read Review $49.99

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