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Hoodia P57

Hoodia P57 is an appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement that comes in capsule form and filled with dried extracts, that are derived from the Hoodia Gordonni plant. This is ┬áis a succulent plant that is native to the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, specifically in the South African desert region. The plant is thought to be a cactus. Although it is a succulent plant like the cactus, it’s not a true cactus plant. The extract from the plant was discovered first by the Bushmen in this region in Africa. The Bushmen go out on long-distance treks through the desert regions, in order to go hunting. These Bushmen are faced with multiple challenges, primarily involving the lack of food and water. However, these Bushmen are able to overcome the lack of food and water when they eat the Hoodia Gordonni plant. The extracts in this plant causes the Bushmen to experience a feeling of physical satiety, or fullness.

Not only this, but the Hoodia Gordonni plant also allows the Bushmen to experience increased energy and alertness. The Bushmen are able to endure their long treks, without eating their catch before they make it back to their camps. Natural health care practitioners have discovered the appetite filling and energizing compounds of this succulent African plant in recent years. Due to the excitement of being able to market a natural product that has been proven to eliminate hunger, manufacturers are eager to produce Hoodia derived products.

How It Works

Hoodia P57 works, by allowing the dieter to feel full, over a long period of time. One of the key tenants of weight loss is calorie reduction. When dieters reduce their food portions and eat foods that are less calorie dense, they feel very hungry. Indeed, most dieters will claim that their biggest weight loss hurdle is overcoming their hunger pangs. It stands to reason then that a dieter would welcome taking a product that assists them in sticking with their calorie reduction goals.

Another added benefit of taking Hoodia Gordonni, is a noticeable increase in energy. Dieters will also testify that it’s hard for them to stick to their calorie reduction goals, because they feel a lack of energy as their bodies adjusts to less calories per day. Taking Hoodia supplements can help dieters to overcome sensations of fatigue, so they can stick to their weight loss goals.

The Benefits

As mentioned above, the primary benefits of taking Hoodia P57, is that the capsules allow dieters to feel satiated for extended periods of time. This in turn allows dieters to stick to their weight loss goals, by forgoing fattening foods or frequent snacking urges. This supplement could be especially helpful for those who work long hours, and need help with avoiding snacking at work. The energy that these supplements provide allow those losing weight to feel that they possess enough energy to have daily workout. Engaging in physical fitness goes a long way in losing weight.

Side Effects

Many people who take weight loss and hunger suppression supplements claim to experience a host of side-effects, such as jitters, nervousness, agitation, nausea and headaches. The manufacturers of Hoodia P57 would like for potential users to know that their products haven’t been shown to produce such side-effects. The manufacturers of Hoodia P57 claim this is because they make the most pure version of Hoodia supplements available, produced from actual Hoodia Gordonni plants grown in African desserts. While the manufacturer claims that their version of the supplement hasn’t shown to cause any side-effects or interactions with other medications, it’s always necessary to check with one’s health practitioner, before starting any weight loss or supplement program. This is especially true for those who have chronic health conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Weight Loss Results

According to the manufactures of this product, a person who takes this supplement can expect to lose up to 10 pounds per month. However, one’s individual weight loss results can vary, depending upon one’s metabolism and personal internal chemistry. The manufacturer strongly recommends eating a healthy diet plan geared towards weight loss. An exercise plan should also be engaged in.


Hoodia P57 is sold in a variety of packages. The starter package lasts for one month, and is priced at $49.99 USD. Customers can purchase two, three and four month packages if they prefer. Customers should note that they’ll realize a price savings when they purchase extended month packages. The four month package purchase also qualifies for free shipping in the continental U.S. only.

Rank Brand Score Controls Hunger Boosts Energy Certified Hoodia All Natural Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Cost Visit Store
1. 95% YES YES 30 days Read Review $64.95
2. 90% YES YES N/A Read Review $54.95
3. 87% N/A YES N/A Read Review $49.99
4. 85% YES YES 21 days Read Review $39.95
5. 85% YES YES 60 days Read Review $49.99

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