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Jenny Craig Review

The Jenny Craig Diet started back in 1983, when it first came out in Australia. It did not come to the United States until 1985. This diet has gained in popularity over the years. It involves a three-level approach to weight loss and works with both mental and physical aspects of shedding excess pounds.

How The Diet Works

The Jenny Craig plan works by first teaching people how they can eat the foods they like in frequent, small portions. This plan also includes how people can gain energy by doing mild physical activity. The third thing this plan covers is how people can live well-balanced lives, which will help them eat healthy and maintain any weight they have lost for the long term. This is about getting the mind to think right.


The core of this diet plan is the prepackaged meals that the participants can eat. These include everything from frozen meals to desserts. The meals for the most part are about 20% protein, 20% fat, and 50% carbohydrates. Fresh vegetables and fruits low-fat dairy and whole grains can be added to these meals. Many of the vegetables can be eaten as often as desired as long as they are not starchy ones.


Although, the packaged meals are a large part of the Jenny Craig plan, they are not the only part. These meals are to help people learn how to do portion control. Once the people get used to how much of each food they are supposed to eat, they can be transitioned over to preparing food in their kitchens and even eating out in restaurants.

There are no forbidden foods on this plan. Instead, the people learn to eat a well-balanced diet, eat foods in moderation and get sufficient amounts of exercise. The program even includes what dieters can splurge with from time to time. It is figured on the ideal calorie intake and exercise requirements for each person’s needs as far as weight loss goal as well as his starting weight and physical condition.

Getting Started

People interested in this program can go to Jenny Craig’s website, one of their centers or contact Jenny Craig Direct. The professionals there can help them know which plan is right for them. There are plans in many different price ranges.

Pros and Cons

Anyone contemplating Jenny Craig needs to know the various pros and cons of the program before making a final decision.


  • Counselors give personal support through the whole program. This helps people develop of healthier lifestyle that will serve them in their future needs and not just for a short term. These counselors even are there for times of frustration working through plateaus providing much needed motivation.
  • It is easy to control portion sizes with the prepackaged foods. This takes the measuring and calculating out of the diet. If the people eat the foods according to instructions given by the counselors they are highly likely to realize weight loss.
  • Convenience is a plus with this diet because the prepackaged foods are delivered the house. People do not even have to go to the store to shop for them. They only need to shop for the fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains they want to add.
  • Meals are microwavable, so no complicated cooking methods are required.
  • The food is flavorful and nutritious. In addition, it can be ordered through the website.
  • There are other ways to take advantage of the program if people do not live near a Jenny Craig Center. They can go to the website or even Jenny Craig Direct over the phone.
  • The program does not believe in starvation or fad diets. These are not healthy ways of shedding pounds. It promotes only healthy eating for losing weight.
  • Often new clients can find special-priced plans to get them started. This makes it less expensive to get going.
  • Participants can interact online with each through social networking provided by Jenny Craig. This allows them to share their stories and support each other through their endeavors in losing weight.
  • The program believes in slow weight loss at a rate of about one to two pounds each week. This type of weight loss is easier to keep off as well as healthier.
  • The prepackaged meals contain an ideal balance of nutrients making the meals healthy to eat. Most of them are low in cholesterol and fat, along with having a moderate amount of sodium.
  • Jenny Craig is a well-established company, with a favorable track record for helping people lose weight.


  • This program is not for those who have food sensitivities or allergies. The prepackage meals could include wheat, corn, peanuts and other common foods that cause issues. People with food allergies or sensitivities will find it too difficult choosing foods.
  • If people are picky eaters, they might find this program difficult to stay on for long periods. The foods Jenny Craig offer are quite tasty, but not all people are easy to please with food.
  • People need enough space to store their frozen food from Jenny Craig. Adequate freezer space is necessary, and not all people have enough room.
  • The budget has to allow for the expense of this program. It is not cheap to participate in it along with buying the food. It is an expense that needs to be allotted for in the monthly food expense.
  • People could find it difficult to cook for the rest of the family and stay on the plan. Unless the whole family is watching what they eat this could become an issue.
  • Eating out can be tricky. Certain restaurants could have suitable choices, while others are just out of the question.
  • If people travel a lot with work or for pleasure, the plan is difficult to adhere to without extreme planning.
  • Once the weight is loss, people could find it difficult to return to eating regular foods. They would no longer just be eating the prepackaged foods they would be back cooking their own meals.
  • Counselors are not necessarily health professionals. Their training will vary, so some could be better than others could be for advice.
  • The low amount of calories could seem too strict to some participants.

Exercise Program

The exercises recommended are suited to the needs of each person. These can include everything from weightlifting to aerobic dancing. It is advised that people get a mix of cardio and weight or resistance training.


Jenny Craig claims that the typical results for their program are that people lose about 2 pounds a week. Of course, this depends on how close the individual sticks to the plan. It does take dedication to stay with the plan long enough to attain desired weight loss and then afterwards to maintain it.

All options should always be searched out to shed excess pounds. It can mean the difference between people living healthy lives or living unhealthy. Whether or not a diet is right for a person is an individual decision.

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