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Mega Hoodia Review

Losing weight is a difficult yet easy endeavor. On one hand, many excuses can be found for the failure to adopt a healthy diet and exercise program combined with healthy lifestyle habits, which are the best foundation for weight loss. On the other hand, many weight loss supplements are available in the market that makes it easier and faster to lose weight. One of said weight loss supplements in the market is the Mega Hoodia.


According to several websites, the ingredients of this weight loss product are cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica and hoodia gordonii. The last ingredient, known simply as hoodia, is obviously the core substance in each capsule.

The instructions for taking the weight loss supplement are simple – just take 1 to 2 capsules before meals on a daily basis. Users may or may not take each capsule with other weight loss supplements (i.e., l-carnitine).

Hoodia Explained

Hoodia is a leafless, spiny and succulent plant related to cacti. Its natural habitats are South Africa and Namibia, countries where majority of the processed hoodia used in weight loss supplements like Mega Hoodia are sourced. Its flowers are pollinated by flies, which is not surprising considering that it smells like rotten meat and it is not exactly a beautiful plant.

Hoodia has been and continues to be used by indigenous populations in the abovementioned African countries not for its weight loss properties per se but for other purposes related to survival in harsh environments. These succulent plants are used to treat indigestion and other stomach issues as well as to treat small skin infections.

Its most notable use, however, that caught the interest of modern-day purveyors of weight loss supplements is appetite suppression. Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert, one of the most unforgiving landscapes on Earth where man ekes out a living, still use the succulent’s meat to suppress their appetite while on long hunting trips.


Does the Mega Hoodia aid in weight loss, as is the claim of its manufacturer? Scientific studies on the matter are still few but it appears that hoodia does have its benefits in terms of weight loss.

According to a study conducted by David MacLean, M.D., a former researcher at Pfizer and presently an adjunct associate professor at Brown University, a molecule in hoodia known as P57 is a possible appetite suppressant. The molecule acts on the brain’s hypothalamus where appetite regulation occurs. It should be noted that the study was conducted using animal subjects although it can have human implications.

Hoodia works when it tricks the brain’s hypothalamus into believing that sufficient amounts of food have been consumed. The result is that the individual feels full and, thus, stops eating. The chemical compound behind such appetite suppression is similar to glucose but it is a hundred times stronger.

Dr. MacLean, furthermore, asserts that another molecule albeit a cousin to hoodia’s P57 molecule may prove to be the more effective answer to appetite suppression. Pending more scientific studies on Mega Hoodia and its related products, it appears that taking hoodia-based weight loss supplements is safe and convenient, not to mention effective in many instances.

Benefits and Side Effects

Considering the scant scientific studies on the Mega Hoodia, there are several benefits to be gained from its proper use. These benefits are:

• It has no known side effects mainly because of its all-natural composition.

• It has zero level of stimulants, thus, eliminating the side effects of nervousness, heart palpitations and anxiety common in other caffeine-based supplements.

• It naturally suppresses your appetite, which is essential in calorie and portion control while dieting.

• It can enhance mood and energy levels.

Weight Loss Results

We cannot overemphasize the fact that weight loss supplements like Mega Hoodia are just that – supplements to aid your body’s faster metabolism, which makes it easier to shed off the excess pounds and fats. You should eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains while lessening your consumption of junk, oily and fatty foods; exercise more while lessening your couch potato time; and live healthier by avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and extreme stress.

How much weight can you lose while using Mega Hoodia? According to a small study – just 7 overweight participants – made by Richard M. Goldfarb, M.D., users can lose an average of 3.3% of their body weight. This translates to a median loss of 10 pounds over 28 days, which you can achieve, too.


The weight loss supplement retails for $20.99 in its official website. You can also get one free bottle for every 5 bottles purchased. The final verdict: Try Mega Hoodia and see what it can do for you but be sure to adopt the right approach to weight loss instead of exclusively relying on the product to achieve your goals.


Rank Brand Score Controls Hunger Boosts Energy Certified Hoodia All Natural Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Cost Visit Store
1. 95% YES YES 30 days Read Review $64.95
2. 90% YES YES N/A Read Review $54.95
3. 87% N/A YES N/A Read Review $49.99
4. 85% YES YES 21 days Read Review $39.95
5. 85% YES YES 60 days Read Review $49.99

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