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NutriSystem Review

Nutrisystem is a one of the most popular programs in the weight loss and fitness industry. The key to its popularity rests in the fact that this is diet plan is delivered to the doors of its participants. One of the most common reasons people don’t stick to their weight loss plans in spite of their best intentions is that they fail to gain control over the foods they eat. When people are asked why they fail at their diet plans, in most cases, they will say it’s hard for them to understand what to purchase at the grocery store. They may say that although they understand what to purchase at the grocery store, they don’t have the time or the energy to prepare meals that encourage weight loss.

Others have said the reason they don’t stick to their diet and weight loss program is that they hate the thought or the taste of eating diet food. Some people engage in a diet plan that is so restrictive, there is no room in the diet to occasionally enjoy the snacks or treats they secretly love and could never do without. Yet another reason many people fail at their diet and weight loss programs is that they find it hard to resist the fast food restaurants they pass on the way home, especially if they work late or have very busy schedules.

How The Diet Works

Nutrisystem’s primary goal is to help those who want to lose weight to do so by eliminating the most common excuse for quitting a diet plan. The program works by allowing its participants to select their meals. Although the company was started in 1972, today’s technology allows its participants to select their diet menu online. Then, once the participant has selected their meal selections from a menu, the meals are shipped directly to the participant’s home. Home delivery eliminates many of the most common diet plan traps. Since the food is delivered right to the home, the participant doesn’t have to worry about extensive grocery shopping to prepare a weight-loss meal.

Since the participant knows they will have healthy meals waiting for them when they get home, they can resist the temptation to stop at a fast food restaurant. Nutrisystem as a company knows people hate the taste of diet food and if they had their choice, they’d rather not eat diet food at all! Therefore, the program is based on portion control, and not stereotypical diet food. Since the food is portion controlled, it is also calorie controlled. In addition, the ingredients of the prepared foods are made with whole grains and whole foods. In fact, up to 70 percent of the Nutrisystem meal product line contains no preservatives.

Nutrisystem has created a very innovative method of making sure its participants get the most convenient, yet safe food delivery system possible. They do this by making sure the majority of their foods are shelf-stable. The only foods in their product line that aren’t shelf-stable are their frozen line of foods. The shelf-stable foods are cooked inside of their packaging, much in the same method canned foods are cooked within the can. This way, the food comes delivered to one’s home, ready to heat and eat. Nutrisystem’s foods are designed to be heated in one’s microwave. Therefore, not only does the participant have access to diet-promoting food at home, but they can eat their food in a short period of time, requiring no more effort than opening and closing a microwave door.

Meal Plans

There are four different diet plans for participants to follow. There is the Basic plan, the D plan, the Silver plan, and the Vegetarian plan. These specific plans enable participants to not only lose weight, but to also make sure their specific dietary needs and desires are being met. The Basic plan is best for those who have no dietary restrictions. The D plan was especially created for participants with diabetes. Although the entire program is based around low-GI indexed food products, the D plan takes managing one’s glucose and carbohydrate levels a step further.

The Silver plan is a dietary plan with seniors over the age of 65 in mind. This population of dieters needs specific nutrients and minerals. They also have sensitive digestive systems and taste buds. This particular diet plan keeps these needs in mind. Finally, the Vegetarian plan was created for those who eat based on the lacto-ovo vegetarian diet lifestyle. As mentioned, while a majority of the company’s foods were created to be shelf stable, there are a few products that are created to be stored in the freezer.

Participant Support

Participants of the Nutrisystem program will find that, unlike other major diet and weight loss programs, they won’t meet face to face. There will be no weigh-ins. Although physical activity is encouraged as a part of an overall weight management program, exercise isn’t required as a part of this weight loss program. The focal point of this program is portion and calorie control. Since many participants might be worried that the food portions are too small, the program teaches its participants to purchase supplementary foods at the grocery store. These foods include fresh fruit, vegetables, and greens. Participants are able to gain the information they need on the program’s website to learn what types of supplementary foods to purchase for their specific diet plans.

Participants are also able to sign in to a program-specific online portal to gain community support from other participants. Here, they will find progress reports from other participants. They will also be able to connect with others to stay motivated. Participants also have access to program counselors. These counselors help participants by answering any questions about their diet plans, helping them to stay on track with their programs, and to offer encouragement and general support. Counselors can be reached through a telephone number given to participants, once they’ve signed up for the program.


The cost of the program can vary, but the pricing is on a monthly basis. Typically, the average cost of the meals and snacks is a little under $300. It should be noted that this price only included the cost of 10 days’ worth of snacks. Participants can also pay for their meals without the snacks to spend less money. There are often pricing specials offered by the company, but a prospective participant should note that prices per month can vary and they should ask their sales rep about any current specials the company might be running. It should also be noted that, in many cases, men will spend more money for their food because they eat more and therefore need more calories in their diet.

The program is paid for via credit cards, by an installment payment plan online or by telephone. For a participant to obtain their food via the installment plan, they must be credit approved. Otherwise, the participant is required to pay for their monthly food supply upfront. If a participant wants to pay for their program food by check or money order, they must contact Nutrisystem customer service to obtain information on where to send their money. The monthly bill must be paid upfront by check or money order as well.


Nutrisystem seems to work well for many people, but there are complaints by some in the diet and fitness community about this diet plan. Some say that because the meals are prepared in advance, the participants never learn how to cook for weight maintenance on their own. In response to this, Nutrisystem has recently created a step-down program that is designed to teach participants to continue to eat healthy, low-GI indexed meals for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Angelica Muschett May 2, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    It doesn’t matter how much research I do about about weight loss, it always seems to come back to the core issues of eating the right things and in moderation, regular portions of what ever it is we eat, daily exercise and drinking lots of water. I read a lot about weight loss superfoods that help, but the fact is those alone aren’t going to help us drop the extra pounds right?

    • fuozzy69 May 3, 2012 at 12:07 am #

      Only hard work and a clean diet will keep the weight off. The secret is to enjoy your new lifestyle. Once you start seeing results you will continue to be motivated! The superfoods will not keep the weight off alone but they are certainly very healthy for you. Think of them as just part of the equation.

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