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Pure Slim 1000

A Review of 2012′s Hottest New Diet

Perhaps one of the more interesting diets to come out is the Pure Slim 1000 program. This is a diet that works in three different phases. Each is designed to help you to shed those unwanted pounds and to ensure that you can reach the goals that you have. Take a moment to look at the different stages of weight loss, to help you understand them.

The first stage will have you experiencing a rapid weight loss. This will then move over to the second phase, where weight will still come off, but you are looking at it to slow down as you reach your target weight. At the third stage, you begin a lifestyle adjustment that keeps you at a healthier weight for the lifetime. All this is done through the use of 1,000 calories each day and includes amino acid drops that will help to keep this process going.

Since this is a diet that can really work and deliver the results it promises, you will want to strongly consider using it. In fact, most people will find that they can continue the quick weight loss over through the second phase enough that they continue to love the diet. Anyone considered obese will truly find results from this diet. Take a moment to look at how the ingredients work.


Arginine – This is an amino acid that aids with weight loss and has been shown to improve muscle mass. As part of the Pure Slim 1000, it is a key ingredient that you will need to have. It will also help to improve the organs, nails, hair and other glands of the body.

Glutamine – This is an amino acid that can be found in muscles and is necessary to help them to continue building. You will find that it prevents them for wasting away and will serve as a curb for those sugar cravings as well.

Glycine – The key is to avoid muscle degeneration. Not only will you find an improvement with storage, but you will also find a boost from the glucose it releases in your body.

Ornithine –  An amino acid that boosts growth hormones and that will help to increase the metabolism in your body.
Serine is essential for the metabolism of fats in the body. It will help you to grow muscle and to improve the health of your immune system.
Tyrosine will help you to improve your mood, which will reduce stress. This reduction will help you to suppress your appetite and to reduce body fat.

Does It Work

With this diet, the biggest obstacle people face is that they can only eat 1,000 calories as part of the Pure Slim 1000 diet. However, this doesn’t mean you will starve. The diet plan does show you that you can eat several small meals that will keep you full and help you to avoid feeling hungry and having the urge to cheat. This isn’t done with prepackaged foods either. Instead, you will have all natural foods that are delicious and can truly keep you feeling fuller. Best of all, these recipes will continue to be easy to follow.

When you combine them with the supplements that are taken as directed, you will become a fat burning machine. In no time, you will be the size you have dreamed of, with the amazing results that can only come from the Pure Slim 1000.



Unlike most diet plans that cost you thousands of dollars, you are going to find that the Pure Slim 1000 diet will actually be a more affordable solution. The entire plan has a one-time cost of only $89.95. With that, you have access to all the guides, lifetime support and the drops you will need to be successful in the initial phases. Best of all, the diet plan has information that will allow you to follow any dietary restrictions you have, which means you get the maximum benefits possible.

Pure Slim 1000 and Exercise

Anyone who is looking to take their weight loss to the next level will need to include exercise in their program. The Pure Slim 1000 plan strongly encourages you to seek out any activity that you enjoy, to help ensure that you get the maximum results possible.

Each phase will benefit from different types of activity and because of that, you will want to ensure that you take full advantage of the support team on hand. What you are going to find is that their understanding of this process is going to help to improve the results that you have. Just understand that there is no such thing as a quick fix diet that is going to give you significant weight loss in a short period of time, without having some exercise in your routine.


Overall, the Pure Slim 1000 diet is one that can be strongly recommended. Not only are going to find that you do end up having some amazing results by following the entire plan, but it can be achieved at the cost of a single bottle of diet pills, without the dangerous side effects and monthly charges that can be associated with taking those pills.

From here, you just need to decide to take the first steps in making the Pure Slim 1000 plan a reality for you. Do this by looking over the research that is out there and understanding how this powerful plan can help you to lose weight. It does so with a detailed set of meals that are going to leave you feeling full at all times, without going over the 1,000 maximum calories you have for the day. Best of all, the food tastes great and is truly easy to make. That makes this the ideal diet solution that will help you to keep up proper nutrition while getting rid of nothing more than the extra weight that you are packing on your frame.

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3 Responses to “Pure Slim 1000”

  1. Cheryl April 12, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    This product has really had me SUPER excited. I started them being a little skeptical, but quickly learned to love them. I didn’t follow the 1000 calorie limit as the e-book says that it comes with. I went ahead and did the original 500 cal diet a day. I ate EVERYTHING I wanted for the first three days, and then started my 500 cal a day diet. I’m losing at least two pounds a day. I REALLY could NOT believe it

  2. Nicole April 18, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    I used this in my first round. I cheated a little throughout and am mad cause I didn’t buy more bottles. My starting weight was 224 ending weight is 196. I highly recommend this product.

  3. Ricky April 30, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    I started the PureSlim Diet on March 1st, 2012.

    I must admit that being on any diet has been a challenge. Especially through the holidays with all of the parties and dinners I have attended. However, Pure Slim did not leaving me feeling hungry or weak. I have not deviated from the strict diet plan and my results are fabulous.

    The first week I dropped the most weight and then each week after it has been getting progressively slower. The first week I lost 11 lbs, the second week I lost 4 lbs, the third week I lost 4 lbs, and the fourth week I lost 3.5 lbs. Great program!

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