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Unique Hoodia Review

Truth About Unique Hoodia

Hoodia, also known as Hoodia Gordonii, is an appetite suppressant sourced from a rare plant growing naturally in South Africa. Since most people do not have the luxury of traveling to South Africa to grow their own Hoodia or pick it up at the market, they have to purchase it in supplement form. One of the most popular supplements currently on the market is Unique Hoodia. It is reported to be extremely effective, but is it really?

How It Works

When you eat, glucose is spread through the bloodstream and the brain eventually receives a signal saying the stomach is full. You continue to feel hungry until that “full” signal is sent. Hoodia works by mimicking the effects of glucose, so the brain gets that signal and you feel satisfied. You have not consumed any food or packed in any calories, but you still feel as if your stomach is full and your body is nourished.

This is valuable to anyone struggling to lose weight or overcome binge eating. Those trying to lose weight for an upcoming event find it useful to curb their appetite so they eat less and look their best on the big day. Those trying to lose weight permanently find it easier to adapt to healthier eating habits when they aren’t feeling so hungry all the time.

Supplements like Unique Hoodia do not burn fat or speed up the metabolism. They simply curb the appetite, and that is what helps with weight loss.


Unique Hoodia is not the least expensive supplement on the market, yet it is becoming one of the most popular options. There are a variety of reasons for this popularity:

  • Each pill offers 495 mg of pure Hoodia. This is a safe dose that is highly effective.
  • CITES, COA, and Annex licensed.
  • Includes P57, which makes Hoodia more powerful.
  • Comes with a 6 month guarantee.
  • No unnatural preservatives
  • No known side effects

Many Hoodia supplements refuse to disclose how much Hoodia is actually in their product. Many blend ingredients, so Hoodia is just one of many. In many cases, there is very little Hoodia in the formula, and in many cases it is not authentic Hoodia. This is why so many supplements selling today are nothing but imitators!

Fortunately, Unique Hoodia is not one of those imitators. They are one of the few that do release the exact amount of Hoodia in each pill, and they guarantee that they only use 100% authentic Hoodia. That is far more of an assurance of quality than you will get from most of their competitors.

Is There A Catch?

If there is a downfall, it is that Unique Hoodia may work too well. Some people will experience complete relief of hunger, which sounds good on the surface. Below the surface, the drive to eat is gone and they may not eat enough calories to sustain their body. This is where Hoodia can become dangerous. To avoid this and ensure health and weight loss, pay attention to the following suggestions:

1. Do not exceed packaged dosage recommendation.

2. Eat on a regular schedule every day.

3. If you are having trouble eating due to not feeling hunger at all, reduce your dose. You can take up to three pills before each meal, so there is plenty of room to reduce your dosage.

All bodies are different, so you have to judge how Unique Hoodia affects your body and make adjustments accordingly. Just do not go beyond the packaged instructions.


Unique Hoodia is the real thing, but it has to be used as a diet aid. It is not your entire diet! It is a companion to other weight loss effort so you receive better results. It can make strict diets easier to live with for a longer period of time, which allows you to reach your health and fitness goals faster. It is also great for long term weight loss when taken as a supplement to a well balanced diet.

The price may seem high, but consider the scarcity of the plant and the fact that you cannot just go plant and harvest it anywhere in the world. Pure Hoodia must be properly located, harvested, and gently processed to be effective. That is why cheap Hoodia products simply do not deliver the results consistently seen with authentic products like Unique Hoodia.

Remember, Unique Hoodia has no known side effects and does not include any artificial preservatives. This is a natural formula that delivers authentic Hoodia for maximum results. That is what sets it apart from other products selling today.

Below is a comparison of our top-rated appetite suppressants.

Rank Brand Score Controls Hunger Boosts Energy Certified Hoodia All Natural Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Cost Visit Store
1. 95% YES YES 30 days Read Review $64.95
2. 90% YES YES N/A Read Review $54.95
3. 87% N/A YES N/A Read Review $49.99
4. 85% YES YES 21 days Read Review $39.95
5. 85% YES YES 60 days Read Review $49.99

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