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Weight Watchers Review


The Weight Watchers weight loss program is considered to be one of the oldest and the most effective dieting programs out in the market today. The dieting program was introduced to the public in 1963 by founder, Jean Nidetch in New York City. The program’s main aim was to introduce exercise and healthier eating options to people who wanted to lose weight and for those who wanted to start living healthier lifestyles.

Weight Watchers is a constantly evolving weight loss program that aims to create new and better dieting plans to meet the varying health needs of dieters. In 2010, Weight Watchers introduced a new dieting regime called the Plus Points Program. The Plus Points Program is a regime that requires every dieter to account and monitor their carbohydrate, fat, calorie and fiber intakes. The program also encourages dieters to make smarter eating options and food choices by promoting foods that are more packed with nutrients and with lesser caloric content.

The Plus Points Program is currently attracting a lot of attention among health experts as it gives dieters more flexible dieting options compared to any other weight loss regime in the market. The program lets dieters eat a wide variety of foods, for as long as they stay within the recommended daily intake allowance. And unlike most of the dieting regimes that are out in the market today, the Plus Points Program encourages dieters to exercise regularly and to live a more active lifestyle.

By monitoring the amount of calories you take in, you’ll know just how much calories you need to burn and lose weight in the process. The program also encourages dieters to eat certain kinds of foods helps speed up their metabolism and hasten the process of weight loss even more. Fiber-rich foods for instance, can help suppress your appetite and make you feel full for longer periods of time. Fiber can also aid in proper digestion and cleanses your digestive system for more efficient nutrient absorption. Weight Watchers’ Plus Points Program has created a point system that gives dieters “Plus Points” for each time that they eat the recommended types of foods.

Weight Watchers Meetings

The dieting program recognizes the importance of a strong support system and has created the weight watchers meeting. This meeting is a weekly gathering of dieters who are also under the same program. Here, you’ll get to meet people who are going through the same weight loss program that you are under. During the meeting, a member of the group checks and monitors your weight in private. The meeting is usually run by a weight watchers dieting expert, who at the same time, is responsible for giving each member dieting advice, when they need it.

Online Program

Weight Watchers has also created a program especially for people who cannot attend the actual Weight Watchers Meetings or for those who simply want to remain anonymous. The Weight Watchers Online meeting lets you to seek advice and get helpful support from experts, right at the comfort of your own homes. Members who opt to subscribe online can send in their questions and share their experiences through message boards. The website also gives them access to numerous recommended meal recipes online.

For Men

Weight Watchers has also created a program made especially for men. This specialized program includes exercise routines, meal recipes and expert advice made especially for men who want to lose weight or tone up their muscles.

Dieting Regime

This dieting program features a very unique dieting regimen that gives you better eating options, and strictly limits your meals within your recommended caloric amounts. Thus, dieters need to learn how to count the amount of calories that they eat during every meal. This may be a very tedious process for many, but quantifying your fat and caloric intake allows you to monitor your weight loss in a more accurate and definitive manner.

Dieters are highly encouraged to increase their “Power Points” by simply eating the recommended types of foods – most of which are nutritionally-dense foods that have low calorie counts. The recommended food selection includes vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber, lean meats, whole grains and low-starch vegetables.

How It Works

The Dieting Program makes use of a propriety formula that calculates the total points that you accumulate over a certain period of time. Points can be earned or deducted against you, depending on the type of food that you eat. Eating the recommended food types gives you positive points while consuming fatty and high-calorie food gives you negative points. The formula categorizes each type of food according to the following: how much your body needs to work to digest the meal, its carbohydrate and fat content and the amount of sugar or sodium that they contain. Dieters who usually choose food stuffs that are loaded with fiber, nutrients and have the least amount of calories get the most number of plus points.

At the start of the program, you will be required to fill up a personal data sheet where your current weight and body measurements are recorded. Based on your current measurements, you are given a Plus Points daily allotment – a value that tells you just how much calories you are allowed to consume in a day. For example, a dieter that is given a Plus Points daily allotment of 1200 need to consume only this much amount of calories within the day to get effective results.


One of the best highlights of the program is its online and offline support system. The Weight Watchers Meetings give dieters the opportunity to seek help and ask advice from actual health professionals and from dieters who are also under the same program. Their online site can also give you an incredibly wide array of nutritious recipes to choose from – which can add variety to your diet.

Apart from that, their new and improved Plus Points Program has made calorie counting easier and less tedious. The system simplifies the way dieters assess the nutritional value of various types of foods. Unlike fad diets, this dieting program stresses out the importance of eating nutritious food and living a more active lifestyle.

And last but definitely not the least: they are by far, one of the most well-established dieting programs available in the market today. Weight Watchers has been offered out in the market for over 40 years – which says a lot about the program’s credibility and effectiveness.


One of the major downsides to this program is that counting your calorie intake during every meal can be very time consuming and tedious. For some experts, this type of dieting program lacks a definite structural dieting plan which makes it very difficult for dieters to follow.


A lot of health and nutrition experts highly recommend the Weight Watcher’s Dieting Program to both men and women. The new and improved Plus Points program in particular, is receiving great reviews from experts as it is not only concerned about the amount of calories that you take in but in choosing what kinds of food to eat as well.

The dieting plan is also very flexible, which makes it very easy for dieters to stay on the program from start to finish. Aside from cutting back on caloric intake, the diet also actively encourages dieters to choose more nutritionally-dense foods over those that have little or none.

So if you are ready to take that final turn to healthy living and lose real weight, then the Weight Watchers Program is one of the best options that you can take. If you are interested in the program, you can simply log on to their official website to get more details on their great offers today.

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